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For a detailed account of the gameplay the rules can be downloaded here. Otherwise you may read through a slightly briefer account on this webpage.

pdf icon Krakatoa Rulebook 1.4 English (ca 60 MB)

pdf icon Krakatoa Rulebook 1.4 Swedish (ca 60 MB)


Setup: The game comes with a double-sided game board with two different maps. One resembles the historical island of Krakatoa prior to the eruption in 1883 and the other is a fictional island which is circular and symmetrical. There are a variety of tokens that will be placed on the different areas of the island during setup. For the most part these tokens hold valuables of a given type which may provide victory points, but they can also be catastrophe tokens or wild beasts.

Character roles: Each player is given a character which consists of a profession card and one or more hobby cards. These cards show what types of items the player gets victory points for. Example: The character below is a geologist, who gets victory points for stones and money. His hobby is botany, which gives him additional points for flowers. In addition each character has one starting item which he keeps throughout the game.

geologistbotany hobby

Volcano: Six volcano tiles are placed on the designated area. They are ordered in number order with the least active tile on top and the eruption tile at the very bottom.

volcano setup

Lava tiles: The lava tiles are shuffled and placed next to the board.

Starting locations: Players then decide where to start by placing a boat and their player piece on one of the disembarkation points.


Game play


Players take two actions each turn. There are only two action available: move or explore.

Move: When moving a player may move upto two steps away. A playere may therefore move up to four steps in a turn (if he doesn't explore).

Explore: When exploring a player turns over all tokens of the same colour in the current area, and may after that pick up one visible token. Exception: Item tokens (yellow) are always revealed when exploring, in addition to any other token in the area. Only the tokens on top may be explored. Relic tokens, which are placed below the terrain tokens at the start of the game, can therefore not be explored until the terrain tokens above them have been revealed.


Token categories: The color on the back of each token shows what category it belongs to. There are six categories of tokens. Four token categories are terrain tokens and two are special tokens.

Terrain tokens

Special tokens







Token types: There are three types of tokens; victory point tokens (which can be divided into six groups), hidden location tokens, items and wild beasts. Terrain tokens mostly hold victory points but also wild beasts and a few hidden locations. Relic tokens hold victory points (archaeology and money) and some hidden locations. Item tokens only hold equipment.

Victory point tokens: Victory points come in several types, and a player can only score points from tokens that correspond to the victory point types depicted on the player's profession and hobby cards.


botany symbol








Found in:







Hidden locations: Hidden locations contain victory points that can only be claimed by having the right tool. The symbol in the corner of the location token shows what tool you must own in order to claim the token. Example: The token below can only be claimed by a player with a flashlight.

Equipment: Equipment can be found on the item tokens thar are close to the coast. Equipment are used for a variety of things, either as tools for claiming valuables found in hidden locations, or as weapons to defeat wild beasts, or for other more specific purposes.

Wild beasts: Wild beasts are one of the dangers the explorers of Krakatoa must face. When exploring a set of tokens and one of them is a wild beast that token triggers immediately (before you get to claim one of the revealed tokens). When triggering a wild beast, the player that found it must escape, but if he has a weapon he may chose to instead fight the beast. If you escape the player to your left moves your piece to an adjascent area and after that your turn ends. If you fight you have a chance of defeating the beast which will provide some victory points, but you could also lose the battle which will result in having to discard one token and also suffer the consequences of escaping.

Game end

Eruption: Some of the hidden locations have a catastrophe symbol which is triggered when the location is discovered. Each time a catastrophe symbol is triggered one volcano tile is removed from the pile of volcano tiles, revealing more smoke and fire rising from the volcano. When the fifth tile is removed the eruption takes place.

Lava tiles: For the reminder of the game players must place a random lava tile on the game board before taking their turn. The lava will flow from the volcano and limit the accessible areas on the island.

Escape: Players must escape the island by getting to one of the boats placed at the start of the game before the pile of lava tiles runs out. The game ends when all players have escaped or when there are no lava tiles left.

Determining the winner: Victory points are calculated according to the tokens claimed as compared the each player's profession and hobby cards. Only players who managed to leave the island can win.